Is my essay good yahoo

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Dec 20,  · Best Answer: From a general standpoint, there are the minor errors in spelling/grammar that everyone else mentioned, so have a teacher look over this with you as a favor.

Another more important issue: the part at the end where you enter the name Status: Resolved. Mar 16,  · Yahoo 7 Answers Sign in Mail ⚙ Account info; Help; Send feedback; Education & Reference Other - Education. Next. Examples of essays?

Does anyone know of good sites to look at essays. Preferably university/college levels.

Is my essay good or bad?

I haven't written one for about 5 years and this is my first ethics class so I'm not quite sure how Status: Resolved. Dec 16,  · What can my thesis statement be for my Hitler essay?

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I already wrote my essay, my thesis was originally supposed to be "Adolf Hitler caused ww2". but i realized my essay is almost like a story. but rather then changing my whole essay, i think i should change the thesis. so maybe i should put something like "Adolf Hitler Status: Resolved.

Can you help me with my college essay?

this is my indiahomeworkhelp writing a good research paper. Including a statement of the disk so that yahoo essay my should what i write about glass flowed, but flowed very slowly.

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Dec 30,  · I am a weird kid. Not weird in the colloquial “hipster” sense, just genetically weird. I have red-green colorblindness, congenital insensitivity to pain, an extremely irrational fear of bees, and a quick wit that makes me come across as egocentric when others would be perceived as sincere.

Considering the Status: Open.

College essay yahoo answers

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Is my essay good yahoo
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