Phenacetin has the structure shown write an equation

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What is the equation for the reaction to form phenacetin from p-phenetidine and acetic anhydride?

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how to write a phenacetin equation?

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Solve by graphical method (draw a log C -pH graph and labelthe pertinent info, show your charge balance for the equation) Organic Chemistry. Phenacetin has the structure shown. Write an equation. Phenacetin has the structure shown below.

Write an equation for its preparation starting from 4-ethoxyaniline. asked by chi on March 10, ; Chemistry. 1. What is the minimum volume of hot water needed to dissolve g phenacetin? How much phenacetin will remain in that volume of water once it. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Phenacetin has the structure shown below.

Write an equation for its preparation starting from 4-ethoxyaniline. Jan 14,  · Best Answer: C8H11NO + C4H6O3 --> C10H13NO2 + C2H4O2 C4H6O3 is acetic anhydride and C2H4O2 is acetic acid. The reaction places an amide group where the aromatic amine was in the starting Resolved.

Acetaminophen to phenacetin balanced equation Phenacetin has the structure shown write an equation
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Phenacetin has the structure shown below. Write an equation for its preparation